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Audio Resources for Alexander Technique Teachers

On this page you will find audio resources intended for teachers of the Alexander Technique. Other resouces for Alexander Technique teachers and students can be found at Resources for Alexander Technique Students and Teachers

Click here for General Information for Alexander Technique Teachers

Click here for Information about using the Web to Promote your Practice

Click here for Other (non Audio) resources for Alexander Technique Teachers

General Information for Alexander Technique Teachers:

Almost all the interviews listed below - and a great many others - can be most easily accessed at the Alexander Technique Podcast Alexander Technique Teachers and Students Page

Combining Freedom Directions and Up With GravitySM
Robert Rickover, an Alexander Technique teacher in Lincoln, Nebraska and Toronto Canada, talks with Imogen Ragone about the ways he uses Freedom Directions in combination with the Up With GravitySM process. Robert's website: Imogen's website: More information about Up With GravitySM: More information about the Alexander Technique: Listen

Using Negative (inhibitory) Directions
2 Conversations with Robert Rickover and Amy Ward Brimmer Listen - Part 1 - Listen - Part 2
Conversation with Robert Rickover and Imogen Ragone Listen Listen to several other podcast on this topic here

Franciois Delsarte and F. Matthias Alexander - Multiple interviews exploring this connection

Conversation with Robert Rickover and Michael Frederick, both long-time students of Marjorie Barstow. Listen (Several other audio conversations about Marjorie's teaching can be found at

Marjorie Barstow and Marjory Barlow - Conversation with Robert Rickover and Mike Cross about the parallels and differences between these two master teachers, including a discussion of their approaches to direction and inhibition. Listen

The teaching of Walter Carrington and Dilys Carrington - Conversation with Robert Rickover and Carolyn Nicholls. Listen

Walter Carrington's teaching and it's place in the developlment of the Alexander Technique after Alexander's death.
Conversation with Robert Rickover and John Nicholls. Listen

Effective marketing of you Alexander Technique practice
Jeremy Chance, an Alexander Technique teacher in Japan and Austraia, talks about his 12-point marketing process for Alexander teachers. Jeremy's Alexander marketing website: Listen

Working with pregnant women - Alexander Technique teacher, childbirth educator, and doula, Ilana Machover, gives advice to AT teachers who have occasion to work with pregnant women. Listen

Working with Groups - Alexander Technique teacher Meade Andrews talks with Paul Cook of Direction Journal about teaching the Technique in a group setting.

Working with Children - Alexander Technique teacher Gal Ben-or talks about some of the considerations involved in working with children. Listen

Is the Alexander Technique Really Good for Everything? - Part 2
Jo Ann Widner, an Alexander Technique teacher and nurse living near Richmond Virginia, talks with Robert Rickover about this question, how it relates to the credibility of the Technique, and the implications for how best to describe the Technique. Jo Ann's website: Robert teaches in Lincoln, Nebraska and Toronto Canada. Website: More information about the Alexander Technique: You can learn how to support this and other Alexander Technique websites at Listen

The Origins of Body Mapping - Alexander Technique teacher William Conable about the origins and the usefulness of body mapping. (Imperfect audio quality, but well worth listening to in you're at all interested in Body Mapping) Listen

Teaching tips for Alexander Technique Teachers who have Students with Autism
Catlin Freeman, an Alexander Technique teacher in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, talks with Robert Rickover about ways in which Alexander Technique teachrs can best work with students on the autism spectrum, as well as some suggestions for people with autism who are taking Alexander lessons. Caitlin is the author of Autism and Alexander Technique: Using the Alexander Technique to Help People on the Autism Spectrum Catlin's website: Listen

Working with Students who are Healing from an Injury - Alexander Technique teacher Debi Adams talks about an aspect of healing from an injury that Alexander Technique teachers might overlook. Listen

Working with students who have Rheumatoid Arthritis - Alexander Technique teacher Jo Ann Widner, talks about how she works with students who have Rheumatoid arthritis. Listen

What is the "head" of "head forward and up"? - Alexander Technique teacher Galen Cranz talks with Robert Rickover about our heads and why there are considerably more complex than most of us tend to assume, and why it's important to understand these complexities. Listen

The Future of Alexander Technique Teaching - Alexander Technique teachers Michael Frederick and Robert Rickover talk about the state of Alexander teaching today, and what the prospects are for the future.

The Dart Procedures and the Alexander Technique
Robin Simmons, an Alexander Technique teacher in Zurich and Brig, Switzerland, talks about the origins of the Dart Porcedures and about their usefulness in improving physical functioning. More information about the Dart Procedures here Listen

Distance teaching using Skype - Interviews with Alexander Technique teachers who use Skype to teach and a list of teachers who use Skype

A New View of the Alexander Technique
The Alexander Technique is often seen as a way of letting go of harmful habits. In his Keynote Address at the 2014 annual meeting of the American Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, John Nicholls proposes a view of the Technique as a forward-looking, life-long process of developing our potential. In his view, it is a practice of embodied mindfulness in which we choose to embody our deepest aspirations and attitudes in the fullest sense of those words. Error Correction: near the end of the talk a line of poetry quoted is wrongly attributed to Robert Graves' translation from an inscription at the Temple of Delphi. It is in fact a common translation of lines supposedly from legendary ancient Greek poet OrpheusJohn teaches, and trains Alexander Technique teachers, in New York City. John's website: More information about the Alexander Technique: Listen

The Alexander Technique and Chiropractic - Interview with Philip Schalow, an Alexander Technique teacher and chiropractor in Rockford, Illinois Philip's Alexander Technique website: Listen

Interview with Robert Rickover - Robert is interviewed by Luke Ford in the lengthy conversation about his experiences with the Technique over the past 35-plus years. Listen

Educating with the hands: working on the body/self in Alexander Technique was published in Soclology of Health and Illness in February, 2011. Jen Tarr, the author, describes the study and it's implications in an interview with Robert Rickover. Listen You can read her study here (PDF download)

Describing the Alexander Technique - Alexander Technique teacher Franis Engel, provides suggestions for Alexander teachers and students who want to describe what they're teaching or studying to others. Listen

Information about using the Web to promote your practice:

Using the Web to Promote your Practice
Imogen Ragone, an Alexander Technique teacher and website designer in Wilmington, Delaware talks with Robert Rickover about:
1. Important design considerations for an Alexander Technique website and about her web design services. Listen
Using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to enhance your site. Listen
3. The use of blogs, audio and video, email marketing and eBooks to enhance your site. Listen
4. Key ways to Increase the audience for your Alexander Technique Blog. Listen
5. Creating a smart phone version of your website using WordPress or Listen
6. The role of Alexander Technique organizations in promoting the Technique on the web: Listen
7. The extreme inter-connectiveness of today's web and how it can help teachers who have a web presesence. Listen

Luke Ford, an Alexander Technique teacher in Los Angeles, interviews Paul Cook, publisher of Direction Journal, Robert Rickover, creator to this and other Alexander Technique web sites, and Amira Alverez. an Alexander teacher in the San Francisco area, Bill Plake, a teacher in the Los Angeles area, about their teaching careers - and, in particular their ideas about marketing the Alexander Technique to the general public. Listen to the Paul Cook Interview - Listen to the Robert Rickover Interview - Listen to the Amira Alverez Interview - Listen to the Bill Plake Interview

How can Alexander Technique Teachers Make Good Use of the Web?
Here you will find a series of discussions on how Alexander Technique teachers can use the web by Robert Rickover and Eileen Troberman.

Chyna Whyne Talks About Her Striking Website
Chyna Whyne, singer, song writer, fashion model and Alexander Technique teacher, talks about her very striking website, Listen

How to Make Good Use of the Web's Interconnectedness
Lutz Golbs is on an Alexander Technique training course in Melbourne, Australia. He probably knows more about the inner workings of the web than anyone else in our profession. In this conversation, Lutz talks about how Alexander teachers can made good use of the web and, in particular, its interconnectiveness. Listen
See: Lutz's Wiki Lutz's Blog

Mark Josefsberg Talks About Using the Internet to Promote his Practice
Mark Josefsberg, an Alexander Technique teacher in New York City discusses using his experiences using the internet. Listen
See: Mark's website Mark's YouTube Video Mark's Twitter Page

EBooks and the Web for Alexander Technique Teachers
Roy Palmer, an Alexander Technique teacher in Bedford, England talks about his eBook projects. Listen
See: Roy's eBooks and Books

From TV Ontario, this a very good MP3 talk about Twitter with obvious Alexander Technique implications.

Other Resources (Non-Audio):

The Alexander Technique Twitter Project explains exactly how you can use Twitter to greatly enhance your practice, and everybody else's.

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